Wind Technology Training Center


ENSA Certified Trainers

We are partnered with ENSA to be their training partner in Indiana with a training facility constructed to ENSA’s exacting standards. ENSA is the premier provider of work-at-height safety rescue training to the wind power industry, and is the pioneer and leader in inventing, perfecting and refining work-at-height rescue techniques. Our trainers undergo extensive continuous training by ENSA including annual certification. AHI holds safety first, and this starts with partnering with the premier trainer of work-at-height safety in the industry. Technicians who successfully complete the various courses are provided with corresponding ENSA certificates.

As a ENSA Training Facility, our graduates, whether our own employees or others, are taught to understand the dangers of working at height, and fall prevention by the proper use of positioning, equipment and safety techniques. How to properly don and inspect personal protective equipment, fall arrest equipment and knowledge of situations encountered in this line of work. We teach and practice correct methods in dealing with emergencies, up tower, in confined spaces, suspension trauma and rescue evacuation. Safety is first, and that begins with the best safety training as the foundation of our company.

Applications being accepted for training sessions that starts 2018

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